Monday, September 26, 2011

Fire Safety

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Busy… Busy…. Busy!  I feel like a crazy person juggling getting all my school list complete… some home stuff… and baseball practice and games for my son!  Okay so some things have suffered like my blog and Laundry!  Can someone please invent a closet or machine that does my laundry and put it away!  Wouldn’t that be awesome??  Okay, I made this for fire safety the week of October 9th!  We have the fire trucks come for a safety talk and it is great!

Here are a few sites that we also check out!! - Only You Can Prevent Wildfires

Have a super week!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nursery Rhymes

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The next two weeks we are studying Nursery Rhymes!  This is such a fun way to help every student feel they can READ!!! I made the tracing page to rainbow write the letters and then draw a picture!  There are so many great resources on the web with for this theme!  Here are a few I have found!

I found this site from pinterest that has the poems and some adorable pictures! 

They are super cute.. I love the Hickory Dickory Dock!  The mouse is to funny!!

Mrs. Saylor’s Log is an adorable blog that has some great printables for nursery rhymes! 

Saylor's Log


The Enchanted Learning has Rebus rhymes.

If you have a subscription to Reading A-Z you can read them as a class!  Great stuff there!


Monday, September 12, 2011

I love the USA!

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I made this easy sentence for my kiddos to use on Constitution day!  I focus on the flag and simple facts about the USA!  We make an art project but I wanted to finish a sentence too!  I will give them options with picture cues to finish the sentence. ( I see a flag.)  The second part of this page is just a USA.  I am going to have students color and make their own USA flags!  I love watching them be super creative!  Here are a few sites I found that would be helpful for everyone!

Scholastic has some great articles and ideas!

Hilary Lewis blog had a great freebie little book!  Check it out!

Rockin' Teacher Materials

Schoolhouse Rock Song….. My favorite!

Schoolhouse Rock!

Hope everyone has a super week!

Thursday, September 8, 2011



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I am so thankful for a great class this year!  They are so happy and smiling all the time!  So sweet! The 11 girls to 6 boys makes it so interesting!   We have already learned to walk in line and many other procedures!  I had a request for a few more cards for the information they know!  I made a jacket, phone and home address for you!  I hope you enjoy! 

Happy Friday!  Yipee!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thank you!

Top 10 TBA

How exciting!!  I got two very sweet notes that my blog has been rated top 10 from two outstanding ladies! The two outstanding bloggers are:

Can Do Kinders


I just love this sweet blog!  It is a must read and thanks Pam for the nice comments! You really need to check out this blog!  It is fantastic!



Swamp Frogs First Grade also gave my blog a shout-out!!  How sweet!  She has such great ideas!  It is a must read!


Now to give out this to other blogs who have not gotten an award yet!!  I love all the blogs I follow for so many reasons!  Here are a few shout outs to some outstanding blogs!

Mrs. Kilburn’s Kiddos

Kindergarten Rocks


I hope everyone has a restful and wonderful weekend! 


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