Sunday, September 30, 2012


So I saw the business card labels other people have used and decided to try it out this year!  Let me tell you it is great and I am now making them for everything!!!  They are easy to place self-adhesive and after 9 weeks of book bags and kindergarteners they have held up great.  I have had one kid leave and 2 join my class but it has been super easy to change the names!  Slide one out and insert new one!  Easy Peasy!!!  I love when things work! Anyways.. enough of my rambling!  I made these labels to fit into the sleeve in power point so you can change the labels to fit your needs. I used primer print for the font and it looks good!

Here are the labels I got them from Amazon!  You may can find them elsewhere!

Avery Self-Adhesive Top-Load Business Card Holders, 3.5 x 2 Inches, Clear, 10 per Pack (73720)

Here are the label I made to fit into them! Enjoy!

viewer 1


My small miracle this weekend?  Little miss has taken her naps in her crib!  2 hour ones!! Yippee!!!!  Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Classroom tour

Holy cow! I am such a bad blogger lately! I have plenty of super ideas but time and energy are killing me! I think we finally are getting a good morning and afternoon routine! Getting two kids and myself together is interesting. Kaden is loving second grade and Kinsley is doing great at daycare! Now if I can get her to nap in her crib here!? She naps like crazy at her school but will only sleep on us here! Can you say spoiled? Ha!
Here are some pictures of my room! I am still working out a few things but the new layout is working great!

View of Door to hallway, closet and cubbies!
Literacy Centers Management      Writing Center
Storage Tubs for Literacy, Math and Free Centers
Word Wall


Play-doh Center


My table (this is a work in progress… trying to get it all organized in one place)

Block/Cars Center


My horrible closet……. hmmm if only I had time to fix it up!

Calendar wall (this is being revamped)  I do love the dinosaur blue chair for the helpers to sit!

View of the tile area, housekeeping, writing and my supplies!
There you go my home away from home!


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