Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas

Does anyone else feel like a whirlwind of stuff going on this time of year?  It make me tired just thinking of the crafts I want to do!!  I have made some cute stuff this year so far….  from Pinterest!  I love these reindeer shirts we made!  We went to an Assisted Living place to sing and hand out our cards!  They loved it and them we went out to eat!  A little crazy but a fun winter field trip!
We have also made these cute Santa with red bowls!  I got this craft from Mailbox magazine a few years ago!

Here is a freebie I made last week!  It is a compound matching game….  I hope you can use it for your kiddos!  Have a great day!
compound words
Merry Christmas to all!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

50th Day!


Here is the 50th day display outside my classroom!  One of my little sweeties said the old time boom box fell on the floor!  Ha… the jukebox had fallen off the wall!  To funny!


The boy who wrote this said his papaw is the best!  I thought how cute is that!! You have to hear him say it with his very southern accent!!  Yep.. it is super sweet!


I loved this one because of the detail on the page!  I love all the bikes and the jump! 

The 50th day was a blast with our sock hop and coke floats!  We wrote and counted to 50!  We even watched an episode of Leave it to Beaver!  They love the show!  They asked to watch it again!  Crazy kids! 

Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone!


My son photo bombing us!  Crazy kid!

I am having a sale at TpT! So jump on over there to save!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Five for Saturday!


I haven’t done a linky party in awhile so I think it is time!  It is fun to read the post from others!  It has been a very long week! I hope not to do any sub plans for awhile! ugh!


Kinsley’s blisters are finally gone… just little scabs left!  Yipee!  Now we just have a wicked cold!  Snot everywhere… gross I know!  Here is what a few of her blisters looked earlier this week!  It was not a fun week!



I am a pinterest addict!  I get on all the time!  I just wish I could do everything I pin!  Ha!! That would be awesome! 

Someecards Pinterest Humor Pintervention



My upcoming theme next week are spiders and Halloween!  We have a field trip on the 30th and a kindergarten rotation on the 31st!  The rotation is where are classes go to another teacher to make a craft, sing songs, read books….. and hopefully tame the crazies that day!  They are just so excited for Halloween….  Here is a writing activity I posted awhile back!  I love these fun write the room activities!


On another note my son hit his first GRAND SLAM on Thursday!  I am so bummed I missed it but couldn’t take the little one out!   He was so excited!!!!!  I must of heard about it and how it happened 500 times the next day!  Love it!


Note to self…. do not drop sippy cup on toes anymore!  Dang… I thought I was going to die!  It hit only one toe and it is not pretty!  I’d take a picture but I don’t want to gross you out!  Ha! 

Last but not least… a secret code word freebie for Halloween! 


Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nocturnal Animals


We are having such a great time learning about nocturnal animals!  The sorting activity I found on an awesome site A Place Called Kindergarten!  She has such super ideas!  The other great find was the adorable book I got on TpT!  It comes from the Kitty Kitty Kindergarten and it is super cute graphics!  My kids loved coloring it and reading it!

In other news here I am at home with my little one…. she has Hand, Foot and Mouth!  Can I just say yuck! It is a virus and leaves blister bumps on her.  The worst ones were in her mouth!  We are now just waiting for the blisters to scab over… It is not fun!  I hope this is over soon!  Anyways… I am working on a new Christmas book and going broke with all the great clipart!  All well!

Here is Kinsley playing outside!  I am glad she feels better but keeping her entertained is not easy! 


Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Frankly a Freebie

Hey Everyone!  How are things going?  I think we are finally getting into a routine with homework for my son… it was tough going for awhile there!  I have been busy with school, baseball and chasing the wild thing! 

I saw this great idea for a bulletin board with Frankenstein!  I hope you enjoy this freebie!  If you use this set I would love to see it or leave me a note!!!

Happy Tuesday!!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five for Friday {Saturday Style}



Hey Everyone! Yeah… Time for five for Friday!  It has been a good week as we are settling into a better routine!  We had Open House and just a busy week!  I am so glad it is Saturday and I am sitting on the couch doing not much!  I have a list for home but so far not happening!  The boys are off to baseball and the little one is fighting nap time!  She was running around her crib acting crazy! Hmmmm…. hopefully she will sleep soon! 



This was a fun way to do Nursery Rhymes!  We used our poetry notebooks, crafts and sang Dr. Jean!  It was a good time!



I would like to put in an order for some cooler weather!  It isn’t as hot as usually here but it feels like it!  I am looking forward to change of season!  We will have apple day coming this Friday!  I love watching the kiddos try new things and have fun! I found this on pinterest… fits my mood today!



The best part of Fall is the return of all my favorite shows!  Yeah…. Survivor, How I met your Mother, NCIS, NCIS:Los Angeles…I love them all! I am a TV junkie !! Ha!


Picture1 Here is my new little mini-unit that is almost done!  I have a few more things to add but it will be on TpT tomorrow!  The first five people who leave me a comment will get it free!  Just leave me a note with your email!  Happy Fall Everyone!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Student of the Day!


I had every intention of doing this post on Friday but here it is Sunday and I am just now getting to this!  All Well… better late than never! 

I love the beginning of the year with Student of the day or King/Queen of the day!  I really like seeing the progress already!  I give a lesson on how to draw a person and put the details into the pictures!  We cheer the names, spell them and then draw a picture!  This activity helps us learn how to write and start out journal writing later in the year!  I put all the pictures together and make a book for them to take home!  It is a great little keepsake!  I love the pigtails on these pictures!  They are so cute!

IMG_1162The other favorite activity this year is singing in the classroom!  My kinders are having a hard time sitting on the carpet  more than a few seconds!  No kidding!  We have to move a lot so we sing! We have been singing Heidi Songs !  I love putting on the math DVD while I get out our math manipulates!  It is an active and fun way to sing numbers!  Love It!

I hope you have a super week!    Next week theme is Nursery Rhymes!  I’ll be sharing some of our fun activities then!

Later Alligators!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Surviving….and Laminating Queen here!!


Here is my new alphabet and my new numbers… at 9 pm the night before my first workday!  I sat on the kitchen floor and got it done! Yeah!  How are you all surviving the first days back?  I just had my first workday and boy I am tired!  (next week I will be exhausted!) I missed sleeping in this morning terribly!  I couldn’t turn my brain off last night and kept looking at the clock….. tick away!!!  I have the hardest time not thinking of all the thing I need to get done! I have started using my iPhone to make lists and then at least I don’t lose the list it is right there.  It’s working! 


I showed this picture earlier but I have made a lot of progress…. The BOXES are all gone!! Yippee… the dirt/grime was horrible!  I even purged some stuff!  I am still working on all the little touches!  It took me longer to clean then I thought!  I still have my old alphabet up and numbers…..  I am hoping during the staggered start days to get those done! 

Here is my bulletin board as you walk into my room!  This year is going to rule!  It turned out cute I think!  Okay… I am trying this again to post! Grrr… technology is not being my friend today!! My first staggered start day was today where I only have a few of my kinders at a time!  I have two more first days to go!  I am exhausted and plan on an early bedtime tonight!   Have a great week everyone!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five for Friday!


{1} Where has the summer gone??  This is my last weekend… boo hoo!  I have to go back on Wednesday and I am sad!  The getting two kids out of the house to start school 10 minutes earlier this year is not my idea of fun!  At least this week will be short for Kinsley back at daycare….it is not going to be pretty!  She is such a momma’s girl lately that I can’t even use the restroom without an audience!  The life with a toddler!  And to top it off Kaden will be in third grade!  How did that happen?? 

I love this quote…. good to start the year!

Inspired by Krissy.Venosdale, via Flickr

{2}  My classroom is such a disaster after they took all the carpet out and put tile down. Can I just say EWWWW… the dust and grime is gross!!!  I have gotten through some of the boxes! 


{3} We had a blast in Oregon visiting family!  The zoo was a big hit and loved seeing the animals!  I love going to the zoo!


  {4} I have a mountain of laundry!  Where does it all come from? Ugghhh!! I found this on pinterest and it made me laugh!!

funny quotes laundry baskets

{5} I really don’t have 5 things… sad!  But I am looking forward to the TpT sale!  I have some stuff in my cart ready to go! 

Have a Wonderful Weekend!  Enjoy the little things!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

birthday image

Happy day to me! It is my birthday today and to celebrate I am having a 20% off on all my stuff at TpT!  It has been a great day so far!  My sweet boy gave me earrings (he picked out)!  Gotta love a boy who gives jewelry!  I am training him well!  HA!  I have added a few more items to my store just in time for the sale! The first one is a Feline in a Fedora… you know that famous cat that likes hats! wink wink!!  I have also added an Ocean Number line 1-20!  It is very cute!

Anyways..  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I love these Throwback Thursdays!  I was looking through my little blog and saw this hot mess of my room last year!  After I saw these last year it time for a change and I redid my room! I can’t wait for this year because it looks so different already this year!  NO CARPET anymore!  I am so excited to not smell that nasty carpet you have no idea!  I had my first case of back to school insomnia the other night so off to school today I went!  Phew… I got the furniture in place!  It is just dusty dirty from all the work done on the floors…. gross!  My black shirt was gray and that was when I decided to come back without my kids!  I hope to go back to purge some useful items crap that I have been hoarding…. !  That is my goal! 

It is my birthday tomorrow!  I am turning…. never mind that!  I am having a one day sale at my TpT store to celebrate!  Have a great day!



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Classroom tour

Holy cow! I am such a bad blogger lately! I have plenty of super ideas but time and energy are killing me! I think we finally are getting a good morning and afternoon routine! Getting two kids and myself together is interesting. Kaden is loving second grade and Kinsley is doing great at daycare! Now if I can get her to nap in her crib here!? She naps like crazy at her school but will only sleep on us here! Can you say spoiled? Ha!
Here are some pictures of my room! I am still working out a few things but the new layout is working great!

View of Door to hallway, closet and cubbies!


Literacy Centers Management      Writing Center

Storage Tubs for Literacy, Math and Free Centers

Word Wall

Play-doh Center

My table (this is a work in progress… trying to get it all organized in one place)

Block/Cars Center

My horrible closet……. hmmm if only I had time to fix it up!

Calendar wall (this is being revamped)  I do love the dinosaur blue chair for the helpers to sit!

View of the tile area, housekeeping, writing and my supplies!

There you go my home away from home!


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