Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five for Friday!


{1} Where has the summer gone??  This is my last weekend… boo hoo!  I have to go back on Wednesday and I am sad!  The getting two kids out of the house to start school 10 minutes earlier this year is not my idea of fun!  At least this week will be short for Kinsley back at daycare….it is not going to be pretty!  She is such a momma’s girl lately that I can’t even use the restroom without an audience!  The life with a toddler!  And to top it off Kaden will be in third grade!  How did that happen?? 

I love this quote…. good to start the year!

Inspired by Krissy.Venosdale, via Flickr

{2}  My classroom is such a disaster after they took all the carpet out and put tile down. Can I just say EWWWW… the dust and grime is gross!!!  I have gotten through some of the boxes! 


{3} We had a blast in Oregon visiting family!  The zoo was a big hit and loved seeing the animals!  I love going to the zoo!


  {4} I have a mountain of laundry!  Where does it all come from? Ugghhh!! I found this on pinterest and it made me laugh!!

funny quotes laundry baskets

{5} I really don’t have 5 things… sad!  But I am looking forward to the TpT sale!  I have some stuff in my cart ready to go! 

Have a Wonderful Weekend!  Enjoy the little things!!

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