Sunday, September 8, 2013

Student of the Day!


I had every intention of doing this post on Friday but here it is Sunday and I am just now getting to this!  All Well… better late than never! 

I love the beginning of the year with Student of the day or King/Queen of the day!  I really like seeing the progress already!  I give a lesson on how to draw a person and put the details into the pictures!  We cheer the names, spell them and then draw a picture!  This activity helps us learn how to write and start out journal writing later in the year!  I put all the pictures together and make a book for them to take home!  It is a great little keepsake!  I love the pigtails on these pictures!  They are so cute!

IMG_1162The other favorite activity this year is singing in the classroom!  My kinders are having a hard time sitting on the carpet  more than a few seconds!  No kidding!  We have to move a lot so we sing! We have been singing Heidi Songs !  I love putting on the math DVD while I get out our math manipulates!  It is an active and fun way to sing numbers!  Love It!

I hope you have a super week!    Next week theme is Nursery Rhymes!  I’ll be sharing some of our fun activities then!

Later Alligators!

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