Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday

Hello Spring Break!  I am so glad to finally meet you!  It has been a LONG week!  We had kindergarten screening till 6pm two nights!  I love seeing the little ones for next year it gets me excited and I start planning for next year!  Yeah! I am in the middle of making circus themes for someone and I must say I am loving it!  Sneak peak later!


Indoor Recess one day this week with Cosmic Yoga!!  Thank goodness for this life saver because we got ready to go outside and wham it was raining cats and dogs!  I thought we may need an ark to home! 


Last week I got to be just mom to my oldest and go on a field trip with him! I loved just being mom and having him all to myself!  It was nice to be able to talk without the bossy pants almost 2 year old yelling at us…he he!  Then we got home by 2 o’clock with the little one to play outside!  I love it!


This is my classroom window I painted last week!  I wanted it to look like a stain glass window.  I outlined everything in black and it is very colorful!  This is just regular school paint and it comes off easily!  So go ahead and paint!


This was the book we used this week!  It is from Hubbard’s Cupboard!  I have used this site for years for all the fantastic ideas and booklets!  My kids loved coloring these and re-reading them again and again!  Click on the picture to go to the site! Enjoy!



The Egg hunt could have been a disaster but indoor egg hunts due to rain are still a blast!  We hid them all over the room and wham crazy children have fun!  I do have numbered eggs….  each child has number they have to find!  They only pick up the ones with their number on them!  It is great to watch them help each other!  I have done the egg hunt many ways but this is the best one so far!

Happy Easter Everyone!  I am looking forward to spending time with my family and my mom who is coming to visit!  I plan to enjoy every minute of this break!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five for Friday *Welcome Spring*


Welcome Spring! I am so glad to see you! I am loving the weather here right now! Eighty degrees and not humid….LOVE it! So to usher in spring in my classroom I painted the window! I paint my window in my classroom all the time!  It is a great way to brighten up the room!  I just use tempera paint and wipe it off!  This time I wanted it to look like a stain glass window!  I painted the kite and clouds first then the black outline!  The last part was the blue….  by that time my class was mesmerized! 




Her first pigtails!!!  I call them pig puffs because her hair is so curly!  She loves her pretty hair!  hehe…..Love it!

I have 9 more days until spring break!!! That seems like a lifetime from now!  I have plans to paint and hang out with my mom!  She is coming to visit that week so it will be fun!  I hope to finish my daughters room.  I have one side gray and tried a pink but never have liked it!  Here is the side I love!  I plan on putting up shelves and a trip to Hobby Lobby to finish the other side!  I will share the before and after when I get done!

2012-02-17 17.19.55

My favorite pinterest pins this week!   They are some very cute Easter crafts… Here is the first one that I plan on doing this week!  It is so cute! I love the bright colors on this egg and it will be easy to do!  I have linked it to the original post so you can see it!

             Easter Craft for Kids using pom poms, clothespins, and paint!DIY Easter Eggs: Tie Dyed Eggs from Fun at Home with Kids

I also think my own kids will love doing the tie dye eggs!  Click the pictures to go to the awesome blogs I got these from!


I love Vera Bradley….  I am looking for a new bag for spring…. Can’t decide which one I like better?  Thoughts? 


                 Emily Satchel | Vera Bradley      Vera Bradley

Have a wonderful day!!


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