Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh my Aching Back!!

Today has not been good for my list of Spring Break activities!  I hurt my lower back cleaning and rearranging Kaden's toys!  I got it all done downstairs area then I bent down to pick up a leftover Transformer piece and could not get up!  BUMMER!  So, laying on the couch watching movies and working on some things for my TpT store!  I have uploaded some Theme Word Wall Words for Oceans, Once upon a time, Farm, Spring/Plants.. busy I know! The creative bug finally came back to visit me!  It was gone for awhile because I was just exhausted from school!
click photo for my TpT store!

Anyways my giveaway will start tomorrow!  I will be giving away my new unit and a $10 gift card.  Where should the gift card be from?  Ideas anyone?  I have a few but just wanted to know what you think!



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