Bulletin Board Saying Party!!

I am always looking for ideas for cute sayings for my bulletin boards!  So why not have a party!! Here are a few I found that I think are cute!

  • Kindergarten "Jean"ius - I used a pair of Kaden's baby jeans and put the kids names on an overall shaped notepad!
  • Taco about a great class!  Just found this one!  They said they folded yellow circles and added green Easter grass for the lettuce. I think that is too cute!!
  • Pencil us in for a great year!   I would use pencil shaped names and a big eraser or pencil sharpener!
  • Swinging into Kindergarten! I used monkeys for the names and a big 3-D shaped palm tree!
Click picture for some freebies for You!!

Share your favorite Bulletin Boards!  


  1. I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Every year these bulletin board sayings stress me out! Here are some I have used in the past...
    Look Who Was Spotted in Kindergarten (Dalamation theme)
    EveryBUGGY is Ready for Kindergarten (Bug Theme)
    Kindergarten is the place to BEE (Bee theme)

  3. I like to do some kind of yard and garden theme so I like to go with something like "Look what's growing in our Kinder'Garden'

  4. Here are a few of my favorites that I have done over the years.

    Look Who's been "spotted" in Kindergarten (I did this with ladybugs)

    The gangs all here. (This was done with snoopy, charlie brown, lucy, etc.)

    Every "birdie" is welcome (this is the one I am doing for this year)

    and of course the ever popular . . .
    Chick Chicka Boom Boom look who is in our room!

    Mrs. Egley

  5. I agree with anonymous these sayings are very stressing. I am doing a beach/luau theme and I will be using "Catch the Wave to First Grade"( I will have all the students names on surfboards.)

    Last year I did "Dive into First Grade" (I had an ocean background and had all the students names on a fish and had my name on a diver. It was really cute.

    My coworker is doing a dot theme and I was thinking she could do: " Second Grade is the Spot to be" or "Look who is spotted in Mrs. ___ class'" (you could have all the students names on different colored dots. )

    Teaming Up To Teach

  6. There are also:

    Wild About Kindergarten- Jungle theme
    Hop Into Kindergarten!
    Spooktacular Kindergartners- October
    Look Who's Falling Into Kindergarten- For Fall

  7. I won a contest for having student work surrounded by dragon heads/legs and the board said, "We're not dragon our feet this year."

  8. I added my link above. Thanks for the great ideas.

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    Helping Teachers Get Organized

  9. I added my link above. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Anais

  10. I'm so excited about this! I am changing grade levels this year, and this will give me great new ideas to try!

    So happy I just started my new blog, so I could take part in this!


  11. My theme is owls!
    My saying is "Look "who's" in First Grade!"

  12. I really want to do a hollywood theme but think for next year I should do a cooking theme and do a play off my last name Mixon.... Something about Mixing.... any ideas?

  13. 'Mixon' it up to do something awesome! Use this board to showcase 'awesome' work.