Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five for Friday *Welcome Spring*


Welcome Spring! I am so glad to see you! I am loving the weather here right now! Eighty degrees and not humid….LOVE it! So to usher in spring in my classroom I painted the window! I paint my window in my classroom all the time!  It is a great way to brighten up the room!  I just use tempera paint and wipe it off!  This time I wanted it to look like a stain glass window!  I painted the kite and clouds first then the black outline!  The last part was the blue….  by that time my class was mesmerized! 




Her first pigtails!!!  I call them pig puffs because her hair is so curly!  She loves her pretty hair!  hehe…..Love it!

I have 9 more days until spring break!!! That seems like a lifetime from now!  I have plans to paint and hang out with my mom!  She is coming to visit that week so it will be fun!  I hope to finish my daughters room.  I have one side gray and tried a pink but never have liked it!  Here is the side I love!  I plan on putting up shelves and a trip to Hobby Lobby to finish the other side!  I will share the before and after when I get done!

2012-02-17 17.19.55

My favorite pinterest pins this week!   They are some very cute Easter crafts… Here is the first one that I plan on doing this week!  It is so cute! I love the bright colors on this egg and it will be easy to do!  I have linked it to the original post so you can see it!

             Easter Craft for Kids using pom poms, clothespins, and paint!DIY Easter Eggs: Tie Dyed Eggs from Fun at Home with Kids

I also think my own kids will love doing the tie dye eggs!  Click the pictures to go to the awesome blogs I got these from!


I love Vera Bradley….  I am looking for a new bag for spring…. Can’t decide which one I like better?  Thoughts? 


                 Emily Satchel | Vera Bradley      Vera Bradley

Have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five for Friday!

Hey……  I made it through another week!  Happy Spring… it has been great weather here lately!  I love being able to take the kiddos outside!  I am so over indoor recess… enough said on that! 

We used Deanna Jump’s unit for St. Patrick’s day!  Here are a few of the little ones writing!  They have suddenly become such better writers lately! Yipee.. I was starting to sweat it!  We had a lot of fun with this writing!

      IMG_1968 IMG_1969IMG_1970


We had great leprechaun traps and tried to catch that sneaky guy!  But he just makes a mess and gets away every year!  It was such a fun day… even though they were crazy afterwards! 

                IMG_1978 IMG_1979

Here is a little picture of my back bulletin board for word families!  I use the Carson Dellosa set and them my own words.  We do a word family a week and review others.  This board is something they refer to often or I remind them to use it! The word family worksheets are done together under the document camera then they write their own sentence! 

I have this set on my TpT products for free!  Jump over them and grab them!  I know you will love them as much as I do!

Word Families!!




Well… I really only have 4 things… this week.  So, you’ll just have to see my littlest ones first ever ponytail!  She calls it her pretty and even asked for her favorite person at daycare to do it for her!  I LOVE it!!  It is so stinkin cute!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Bulletin Board Set

Okay for a limited time this little cutie is FREE!  You can click on the picture above to go to my TpT store and download this Bulletin Board!  I can't wait to use it this week to brighten up my room!
Thanks for Looking!!!!

Don't forget to like me on Facebook now.... it really needs some love there!  And I plan on doing this more often because who doesn't love free....  Okay now scoot!

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Five for Friday

Yeah… I am finally linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching awesome Linky party!  I have every intention of doing this every week but it doesn’t seem to happen!  I had some great ideas to blog about this week but my little one got the stomach bug…. enough said! Yuck!

STOMACH BUGS suck!  My little one barfed for the first time and it totally freaked her out!  She is usually a little busy body but this is how she was for a couple days.  BOOO!  She curled up in the recliner to watch Mickey Mouse!  So cute!

My son left me a hint this morning to bake cookies today!  Ha Ha!!  They are good so I guess I have to bake them!
I am busy making a new spring bulletin board set.  Check back soon because when I post it is will be free for a couple hours on TpT!  Woot!  Woot!  Spring…. so ready for it!  How about you?
I just made a Facebook page for my blog.  I had now idea what I was doing.  So, I found a couple tutorials but I used this one.  It was quick and easy….  really it was! So like my page now so I feel some accomplishment.
Now if I can figure out how to link them easily then that would be great!  Anyone know an easy way to do this?

Can you believe that the changing of the clocks is here!  What?  I don’t like losing sleep but I love the seeing the sun more!  It makes it so much easier to go on nightly walks.  I look forward to getting back into shape… I hope!  Let’s give a cheer to more Daylight! 
Have a wonderful day!  Enjoy every moment!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Indoor Recess Survival!!

Well I guess better late then never!  I wrote this post last week and then came the SNOW!  I think one day we had sleet, freezing rain, snow and then the sun with blue skies!  But here is what I wrote last week before we missed 3 days of school.  I am so behind.... ugh!    I have some freebies coming as soon as I finish them. Yeah!  Have a wonderful Monday!!

Hey ya!  How are things going?  Well, can I just say the weather here is CRAZY!  Sunday it was 60 and today/tomorrow it is suppose to snow!  Ugh... just pick a season Mother Nature!!  We have had indoor recess for what seems like days!  I have found a new video series that has helped and the kids love it!  We have had extra free centers but that gets this group wound up so I went searching for something else!  My favorites right now are....

1. HeidiSongs using the DVDs!  It is educational and fun! My class loves the Jumpin Numbers and Shakin Shapes..
Heidi Songs Logo

2. Cosmic Yoga on YouTube...

Well I started this post yesterday and now we have snow!  It came fast here!  This about sums up my kids thoughts on the snow!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Five for Friday!

Hello Blog world!!!  I have returned again!  How is everyone doing?  I can’t believe it has been that long since I blogged!  I had a great Christmas and New Year! We have survived croup, pink eye and now a cold for the little one!  I have so many blog ideas but never get to them… I will someday get better!  All well!  Here is my five for Friday… woot! woot!


I love naptime at my house!  Yep… she is sleeping now and I am watching Netflix and shopping for more clipart that I don’t need!  {but want more….}  My oldest just play quietly in his room…  it is great me time! 

Let it snow!  We had a blast having our snow day on Thursday!  My son was so excited and Kinsley was confused!  She kept saying it was dirty… he!he!  It was a great day!!IMG_1751


I use the clip chart behavior system!  I decided to use the washi tape for my clips… works like a charm!  The kids all started with green chevron and after 5 blings (jewels) then they get a new one!  It is motivating and fun!  My other love is Peach Tea Crystal Light in my Starbucks cup!!  Love it!

Here is a freebie from awhile back for Valentine’s!  Just click on the image to take you to my blog to grab it!  Lots of Love this week!  Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas

Does anyone else feel like a whirlwind of stuff going on this time of year?  It make me tired just thinking of the crafts I want to do!!  I have made some cute stuff this year so far….  from Pinterest!  I love these reindeer shirts we made!  We went to an Assisted Living place to sing and hand out our cards!  They loved it and them we went out to eat!  A little crazy but a fun winter field trip!
We have also made these cute Santa with red bowls!  I got this craft from Mailbox magazine a few years ago!

Here is a freebie I made last week!  It is a compound matching game….  I hope you can use it for your kiddos!  Have a great day!
compound words
Merry Christmas to all!!


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