Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Songs

Just had to share some great Jack Hartmann songs made by Harry Kindergarten!  Makes learning time so much fun.  It was a busy week learning about dinosaurs... Deanna Jump's unit made the lessons so much fun!  I have some pictures to share as soon as I find what I did with them! HMMM!  It was just a wild week at school with the storms and power outages during school 2 days in a row! It made me appreciate all my technology in my room that I couldn't use!  Made some lessons very interesting but gave my kiddos some time to do an art project!  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. SO SO SO SO SO SO VERY COOL! Thank you for sharing!


  2. I love the idea. I would like to add money-coins to it. Adding coins is very hard for the kids and this game format would make it lots of fun!

  3. How do you make your font like that?



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