Sunday, April 15, 2012

Word families

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I posted these when I first started my blog but have been adding a few as needed!  I just added a couple more but still have more to add!  I totally forgot to add a few that were requested grrr!!  I hate when I can’t remember things!  (Blame it on the baby brain)….!!  I will do some more this week!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.. it is back to school after spring break!  What a great lazy week we had! Loved it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Earth day poem and Spring Break

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I got these poems from CanTeach they have so many to choose from and it is easy to search! I just made them cuter!  I am taking it easy on spring break this week!! YIPEE!  I am working on sub plans for the end of the year maternity leave soon (I hope)…. and blah it is not fun!  I like to plan ahead but to write it down for someone else is not easy! 

I have been asked to make some more word families to write in the boxes and those should be complete soon!  Look out for that freebie!  If you haven’t seen them yet check them out here!  If you can think of any ones not included let me know I will try to add them too! 

Have a wonderful week!


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