Sunday, January 6, 2013


imageWow!  I am so glad to get back to blogging!  I have missed it but life just got to be to busy!  I had a hard time juggling both kids and school so I needed a break!  I am having a great school year and can hardly believe the 100th day is coming soon!  What??!! Where has the time gone!  My baby is crawling everywhere and she wants to stand up on everything at 8 months! We are in trouble!!!  Anyways, I just made some more write around the room charts I had to share! Anyone need any specific items on these charts let me know… I am always looking for new ideas!!  Thanks!


I hope you have a wonderful week! 


  1. I totally LOVE your recording sheets. I use them in my classroom nearly every week. The only thing that I might ask for is for the spaces to be a little bigger for those more fine - motor challenged students. (does that make sense?) For earlier in the year at least. I love all your topics, cute clip art and ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing them!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!



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