Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five for Friday {Saturday Style}



Hey Everyone! Yeah… Time for five for Friday!  It has been a good week as we are settling into a better routine!  We had Open House and just a busy week!  I am so glad it is Saturday and I am sitting on the couch doing not much!  I have a list for home but so far not happening!  The boys are off to baseball and the little one is fighting nap time!  She was running around her crib acting crazy! Hmmmm…. hopefully she will sleep soon! 



This was a fun way to do Nursery Rhymes!  We used our poetry notebooks, crafts and sang Dr. Jean!  It was a good time!



I would like to put in an order for some cooler weather!  It isn’t as hot as usually here but it feels like it!  I am looking forward to change of season!  We will have apple day coming this Friday!  I love watching the kiddos try new things and have fun! I found this on pinterest… fits my mood today!



The best part of Fall is the return of all my favorite shows!  Yeah…. Survivor, How I met your Mother, NCIS, NCIS:Los Angeles…I love them all! I am a TV junkie !! Ha!


Picture1 Here is my new little mini-unit that is almost done!  I have a few more things to add but it will be on TpT tomorrow!  The first five people who leave me a comment will get it free!  Just leave me a note with your email!  Happy Fall Everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see your scarecrow pack! YEA FALL!

  2. So excited fall is here. And your scarecrow pack will make it even more fun. Thank you!

  3. This looks wonderful! Thank you!

  4. Oh, I'd love this!

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  6. I am with you, I want some cool weather too! We are starting our fall unit this week.

    1. here is my email:



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