Monday, November 11, 2013

50th Day!


Here is the 50th day display outside my classroom!  One of my little sweeties said the old time boom box fell on the floor!  Ha… the jukebox had fallen off the wall!  To funny!


The boy who wrote this said his papaw is the best!  I thought how cute is that!! You have to hear him say it with his very southern accent!!  Yep.. it is super sweet!


I loved this one because of the detail on the page!  I love all the bikes and the jump! 

The 50th day was a blast with our sock hop and coke floats!  We wrote and counted to 50!  We even watched an episode of Leave it to Beaver!  They love the show!  They asked to watch it again!  Crazy kids! 

Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone!


My son photo bombing us!  Crazy kid!

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