Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday

Yeah! Finally Friday… I know it has been a long week when my own child comes into my room at 10:20 pm being a goofy kid and I start to tell him to put his clip down!  He looked at me like I had lost my mind and laughed!  AHHH…  I don’t think I can make it until June 13th!

My mom helped me finish Kinsley’s room finally!  It only took 2 years… all well.  It is a work in progress.  We made the elephant hair bow holder and I love it!  The polka dot chair is her favorite place to sit!
Salt and Chocolate…. umm hell yeah!  These were a gift this week from a cutie and I love themRed heart!  I have hid them in my house so no one else can have them!  They will all be mine!! 

A few of my moms in my class are so creative and love pinterest!  (If you look closely some of the candy is missing… Some little 9 year old bandit came along after school)   Thanks for the teacher appreciation week!
A book and card for Mother’s Day!  We had fun making gifts for our mom!  They were funny and super sweet when they made them.  One little sweetie said that her mom was beautiful when she put on make-up!  He he! 
My baby turned 2 on April 30th!  She is a mess!  She loves to dance, read, be bossy to her brother, go outside and be sweet!  She is tiny but so LOUD!  We are so blessed she came into our family!

Thanks to all the Teachers out there!  You are awesome and loved!  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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