Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  Yeah... my second day of SUMMER!  I thought it would never happen! Seriously... we had the most workdays after school was out ever... 6 of them!  You heard me six workday!  What?  Crazy... I only worked 3 of them and I was getting bored....!  I am linking up with the awesome Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

I love playing games on my phone....  terrible habit this summer but so much fun!  Here is my one right now.  I can’t seem to stop myself lately! 

I have been reading some books already!  Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors.  I need to find some new ones!  Any suggestions??  I am reading this one right now!
I have been pinning like crazy already with many ideas for the classroom.. You’d think we could just leave it all summer but nope!  We talk about and plan for the next year!  Anyways.. I am working on organizing and purging my crap stuff!  I liked this pin from a great organizing blog and just cute stuff!  Click on picture to take you to this wonderful blog!  I thought this was pretty smart!
I am obsessed with the idea of spray painting all my baskets one color… yep, you’ve seen the pins on Pinterest!  I will paint them black mostly but really want to try a few metallic one too!  Anyone know if they last… just wondering!  It has to be better than the million different colors I have!  Hmm….
Have you tried this stuff?  Really… you need too!  It is good!  It is crispy and juicy on the inside!  My kids even eat this!  Yep… we had it for dinner tonight and I would have taken a picture if I hadn’t been stuffing my face! All well!  If you like fried chicken this is pretty close!
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  Bring on the summer!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I have survived!

I don't know about everyone else but I am so wiped out!  The last full week was a struggle..... so tired!  The last day of school was a FULL Day!  I mean really all day!  It felt like a forever!  Hugs to all the kiddos and then done!  phew..... !  Did I celebrate the last day with a tasty beverage.... You bet!

I am looking forward to reading and playing with my kids!  I am going to be doing some posts about keeping my toddler busy!  I hope you all will be joining me with your tips and ideas to share.  She is much busier than my son and into everything....  Then she is bossy to her brother!  I find it pretty funny most days!  We are going to try to potty train this summer.... Yikes!

I need some eagle eyes out there and someone to give me an honest opinion about my newest product... It a sight word packet and I just can't let go of it yet!   So.... Leave me a comment with your email and you can be my helpers!  Thanks to you very much!!!

Happy Father's Day to my Awesome hubby and Daddy!  
We love you!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Blog look and a Freebie

I love my new blog look!  Yeah!  Thanks to Megan Favre at A Bird in Hand Designs!!  It was easy and fun!  I love it! 
5 More Days….. I think I can… I think I can!!!  It has been a long year with challenges but they have grown so much!  I am starting to plan for next year and looking forward to this summer!
I am going to do some blogging about my toddler… and how I try to keep her busy this summer!  That should be a chore!  I hope to also get my son motivated to read all summer… 9 year old boys are not into reading so bribing him is the only way! 
I made this end of year or beginning of year bulletin board set in celebration of my new blog!  I hope you enjoy it and leave me a comment!  Click on picture to download!

Have a wonderful day!


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