Monday, August 20, 2012

Color week

This week is our third week of school! I can't believe it! My little sweeties are getting the hang of most thing except they are talkers! I mean they chat all the time and a few have not learned how to use an inside voice.  But they are so good at getting work done and getting along great!  So this week is all about color! Each day we wear a different color and make a chart of things.  Today was red! We had strawberries, our rug, letters, and our clothes on our list.  They did a great job! Tomorrow is orange..... Hmmm I have to be creative and wear a scarf or something! Anyways our favorite thing today was Pete the Cat! They loved it! Here is the author reading the story on YouTube.
 My kids really got into it and then we had our own book of colors!  It was a great start to the week!

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Have a super week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

First day!

Wow! What a day! I am so tired having all my kinders after staggered start! They did a good job listening and working! We got a lot done and I didn't lose anyone! That is the hardest part is they don't know how to walk in line or how yelling teacher 500 times isn't helpful! Ha! We had to sing a bunch of times to get the wiggles out!  They loved Harry kindergarten on YouTube! Just thought I would share our new favorites and some ones that always are a hit! Enjoy! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Polka Dot Theme

viewer (3)

I was just so undecided about what theme to do in my room I just went with polka dots!  I could not make up my mind and had lots of polka dots already in my room so it has made it easier!  I am almost ready for school to start on Tuesday… yikes!  We have parent orientation on Monday… I have a bulletin board to finish and all my paperwork to put into folders.  I made a few posters for my room and wanted to share!


Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!!!!

P.S.  I uploaded the wrong center signs click here for added ones.. ABC center and Art Center. Yeah!!


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