Polka Dot Theme

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I was just so undecided about what theme to do in my room I just went with polka dots!  I could not make up my mind and had lots of polka dots already in my room so it has made it easier!  I am almost ready for school to start on Tuesday… yikes!  We have parent orientation on Monday… I have a bulletin board to finish and all my paperwork to put into folders.  I made a few posters for my room and wanted to share!


Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!!!!

P.S.  I uploaded the wrong center signs click here for added ones.. ABC center and Art Center. Yeah!!


  1. Yay!! The Art & ABC centers are added. Now all of my PK centers are covered. One last thing & then I'll be out of your hair...Could you add Art & ABC to the small ones also? I use them in my pocket chart to assign the centers. Thank you!! You are the best!! Have a wonderful school year.


  2. Hi!!!! your centre signs are so cute!!! i just found them on pinterest! i was planning to use them in my pocket chart too...and i was also hoping that you could add art and abc to the small ones too :) thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!