Tuesday, October 30, 2012

catching up!




I am such a sorry blogger these days….. all well I try and have stuff to blog about but not much time!  So, I made a quick sight word coloring (clip picture above for freebie) for everyone to make up for being so lame!  We had the 50th day that I had to blog about but forgot to publish it… really lame I know!  Okay… my new resolve is to blog more often!  (not sure if the other three time I have said that to myself count..Ha!) Anyways here are a few pictures of what we have done lately.


The owl is a cute tear art project and very easy to make!!  To make it just draw a light bulb shape onto a paper and let them at it!  I do make the eyes, beak and feet for them but let them glue them on.  It makes it funny sometimes on how their eyes turn out. The other photos are from the 50th day writing and our photo op area!  That is all from now because my little one is rolling away… oh no.. She is learning to move around to much! I am so not ready for any crawling! 

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Organized

I am trying to get organized with all the things I need to put into my lessons!  I was so used to the old state standards I could put them on without thinking or looking at them…. but with the new stuff I have to look up everything.  I type my plans but would like a cover sheet for the week to show all the standards and goals in one easy place!  Good idea…maybe?  I haven’t tried it yet so I maybe tweaking it as the year goes along.  How are you getting organized these days?  Please share we all need new tips!  I am trying to work smarter not harder!Open-mouthed smile
I made this in office so you can change whatever your areas and names. 
Here is the first draft…..  Click here for plans.
If you change or find new ways please come back to share with us your ideas. Smile with tongue outHave a great rest of the week!


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