Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday


What I am loving this week!!!
1. I changed the look of my blog and love it!  I should have done it a long time ago but I was to lazy to do it!!  I love this header!  I am actually blogging again! 

2.  I love watching my son play baseball!  He is such a good kid! Funny and good to his little sister!  

3.  I am addicted to Ikea!  I could organize and do so many things there!!


4.  I am a exhausted with a toddler in the house!  She is on the go ALL THE TIME!!
But it such a wonderful thing to watch her little feisty personality come out!  And she is a LOUD one!  Holy Cow... who would have known that such a loud mouth would come out of such a tiny tot!  

5.  I am a reading and game addict in the summer!  I love it!!  Next week I am looking forward to having another Bulletin Board Linky Party!  Stay tuned and join in the fun!

Have a super day!!


  1. I'm your newest follower, thanks to the Five for Friday Linky party. I have a three year old and a nine month old at home... I'm pretty exhausted too! But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

  2. Your little one is cute! I had one of those loud toddlers too. Shopping was a kick. He'd be so shy when anyone spoke with him though. Aren't they funny? Enjoy!

  3. Hi, I found you through Pinterest! I am looking for ideas for my classroom for next year and fell in love with your Dr. Seuss "Thing 1". I was wondering if you would share a copy of it with me? My email is:
    THANKS SO MUCH!! Janet



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