Operation Clean House

I am in the process of cleaning and reorganizing my house again!  I swear that somehow during the school year everything just isn't as neat!!!! Hmmmm!  Anyways, I started on Kinsley's room two weeks ago with a trip to IKEA!!  I love that place!  We got expedit storage for her room and they look AWESOME!  I still need to paint one more wall and put up her shelves!  We had an interesting week to say the least around here!  She got the croup and was in the hospital one night!  Yikes!  It was not fun!  Poor kid was miserable and my son was so upset about the whole thing!  Hopefully that will be all the sickness this summer!  
We have found some new apps to entertain ourselves these days!  If you have kids you need Toca Boca Apps!  They are pretty fun!  Here are the ones we use all the time!

This is a creation of Kaden's waiting at the doctors office!  It was wilder as he went!  He shaved her head and then made the boy ones look like girls!  It kept him entertained for the time needed!  Ha!

Have a super Day!

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