Sunshine Award


Thank you!  Thank you so much to Allison at My Photo, and Cindy at For the Love of Kindergarten!

And to Pam at My Photo!!

Check out these fantastic ladies blogs!

My answers:

  • Favorite color?  red or blue (Carolina Blue)
  • Favorite animal? I like all animals but love my sweet dog Coco!  Even when she only chews on my shoes!! Stinker!
  • Favorite number?  21
  • Favorite drink? I love Starbucks Sugar Free Vanilla Lattes!  Diet Sprite and Crystal light!
  • Facebook or Twitter?   Facebook..
  • Your passion?  My family, reading and creating things!
  • Giving or getting presents? Giving!!
  • Favorite day?  Saturday, or late Friday after everyone is in bed and it is quiet!!

Here are my Favorite Pinterest this week!!


Pinned Image

Crock pot hot chocolate!  It sounds great and easy!  I may make it at my Polar Express day!

Christmas Craft: Owl Ornament

This little owl is just cute and I could not resist!

how to make a snow globe

A Snow Globe with a plate!  Super cute and fun!

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