So I saw the business card labels other people have used and decided to try it out this year!  Let me tell you it is great and I am now making them for everything!!!  They are easy to place self-adhesive and after 9 weeks of book bags and kindergarteners they have held up great.  I have had one kid leave and 2 join my class but it has been super easy to change the names!  Slide one out and insert new one!  Easy Peasy!!!  I love when things work! Anyways.. enough of my rambling!  I made these labels to fit into the sleeve in power point so you can change the labels to fit your needs. I used primer print for the font and it looks good!

Here are the labels I got them from Amazon!  You may can find them elsewhere!

Avery Self-Adhesive Top-Load Business Card Holders, 3.5 x 2 Inches, Clear, 10 per Pack (73720)

Here are the label I made to fit into them! Enjoy!

viewer 1


My small miracle this weekend?  Little miss has taken her naps in her crib!  2 hour ones!! Yippee!!!!  Have a wonderful week!

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