Oh My Aching Back!

Oh my Goodness!  Last week I hurt my back and it was sore for days!   I just bent over to pick up my daughter and pain all over my lower back!  My son said I smelled yucky for days... I wore those icy hot patches for days!  But I finally got some things done and feeling better! Yeah for me!

I have made a few new things and finally finished my Sight words Packet!  Yeah!

I have made a new set of alphabet for you beach themed classroom!  I have a alphabet and number line! Go check them out!  They are cute!  I am still super undecided on what theme am I going to do!  I can't seem to make a decision!  I thought about black and white with pop of colors!  or change everything to a beach theme!  That is why I made these new sets!   ugh...... I can't make up my mind!  Anyone else have this problem?  

Beach Daily Schedule
Beach Alphabet Line
Beach Number Line

Anyways ....  Love ya!


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