Oh my goodness!  I can't believe I haven't posted in a long time!  I was doing so good!  We have been super busy at my house!  Baseball season is over now!  Thank goodness... I love watching my son play but 3 nights a week at the ball field was enough to make me crazy!  The 2 year old thought is was a blast to run around like a maniac.....  It was exhausting!

We had a great Halloween my little princess and rotting zombie got lots of candy!  We had a rotation at school with my great teammates!  Here is a little sample of what we did!  I read the book Spookley the Square Pumpkin and then we drew pictures of Spookley pumpkin patch while listening to Halloween songs! There was bingo, mummy making and goo making!  It was a great day and I didn't have to work on Halloween..... even better!  (Teacher Workday!)

Now we are working on some great Turkey in disguise... Love this project and will share some of the creative ideas so far!  If you are looking for a little book check out my Turkey by the on TpT!
Or my Freebie from my blog a few years ago! (click on picture on top of post)

Turkey by the

I am sitting here trying to breathe but baby #3 is not cooperating!  Yep... that is mostly the reason I haven't been blogging just to exhausted!  This baby was a complete surprise... a good one but a surprise!  She will be arriving on Feb 2nd!  And we have no ideas on names......  The big question is do we use another K name or not?!  We have Kaden and Kinsley.... any suggestions?

Have a wonderful week!  

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