Hello World!

Welcome to the world! 
Makenna Skye
Born: January 26th 
6 lbs 15 oz!

I am so excited to complete our family with her!  My other two kids have welcomed her and it just seems perfect!  I am sleep deprived and getting used to having a newborn in the house again!  I am loving being on maternity leave.... but getting my older one to school is hard!  I am starting to work on my Teacher pay Teachers again... and can't wait to share more freebies too!  I am making some new games for my 2 year old.  Kinsley loves to play teacher.... very funny to listen to her!  She is super bossy.... hmmm  I wonder where she got that!

Just wanted to share our wonderful news and don't forget to like me on Facebook. If you have any request for products let me know I would love to help!

Have a super day!  I am off to change a gross diaper and go to a well check for Makenna! 

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  1. Congratulations! Feb. 12th is also my son's birthday, although this February he turned 17 ;)