New Blog Design

It is almost 3 am here and I just finished working on my new blog design!  I am loving it because I did it all my myself.  Okay... I used a template from etsy!  Awesome by the way!  I am teaching 2nd grade again next year and super excited to continue that adventure.

I am in love with Canva!!!!!!!!  Today I made the header for my blog.  I have made a Facebook post for my school blog and an instagram post!  It makes life easier for me.  It is worth the money in my opinion!  

I can't wait to share this journey with you and share new ideas!  Have a fantastic day..... I hope my little kids sleep in tomorrow!  AHHHHH! {Running off to bed} Good Night!

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  1. Love your new design, way to go to do this all on your own! That’s encouraging to us others who might be a little lacking in computer skills!