Monday, August 15, 2011

Center signs without Stars

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Here are the center signs I made but without the stars.  I hope these help someone can use them in their classroom!  They are so colorful!  Anyways, I am just hanging out until my first workday on Friday!  A weird day to start but I do not have any meeting or stuff… so I will be working in my room the whole day!  Don’t forget to enter the 3+3 giveaway!!  You do have 3 chances to win something from our stores!

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Have a wonderful evening and a great day tomorrow!!


  1. I love these center signs!! Is there any way you could add signs for math and word work?

  2. I love these center signs.... especially the font! Would you mind sharing the name of the font with me? Thank you!

  3. The font name is Candy Randy! And Emily I will add some for math and word work tonight! Good idea!

  4. These charts are really cute! Thanks for sharing your work! Would it be possible to make them smaller - maybe 4 different centers per page? (Would also love one for "Train"...)

  5. OMG!!!!! I love your signs. Just what I was looking for. Would you mind sharing where you got the borders from. Thank you!


  6. Frances - the borders are from Just so Scrappy - Fly me to the Moon kit! I use them in my room a lot! I am glad you liked them!

  7. You are so creative!! The signs are just what I was looking for. Do you have signs for Science and Big Book? Thank you for sharing!



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