Center signs and Giveaway

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These are my newly made center signs for my classroom!  I have put stars on them so the kiddos can tell how many kids can go in that center!  It makes it so easy for them to count the stars and then count the kids!  I do not tell them what Free Center to go to but let them choose! It is quite scary some years and have to redirect some sweeties to new center that is quiet!  We have only 30 minutes for free play and it is at the end of the day!  It is sad that we do not have more time in our day to just relax and play!



Don’t forget to enter Frog in First and Really Roper giveaway!! Three people will win!



I have also uploaded some new things to my TpT store!!  I have made several different Daily Schedule cards to match all of your cool themes!  I have uploaded these themes so far:

I have several more to upload tonight!  I hope you are having a restful weekend! 


  1. Love these! Is there anyway we could purchase them from you without the number of students (stars)?

  2. Aww I love teaching K because of free choice centers. It's sad in first grade at the beginning of the year when they ask when do we get to play? I love your center signs!
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  3. Love the monsters (I am also known as the lizard loving teacher if you've got any lizard stuff)--love your stuff--I follow and hope to win your give-a-way! Teaching 1st grade this year. -Jude

  4. Thank you! These are awesome! You think there is any way that you can create one for free choice center and write the room?