Ocean Art Projects

The picture above is made with crayons and watercolors.  Have your students draw an underwater scene with their crayons.  Then use the blue and purple water colors but before it is dry sprinkle salt onto it!  It makes a very cool bubbling effect.  

My class will be working on finishing the pirate pictures tomorrow!  They were very excited!  I just made a picture of the ocean, a pirate chest, palm tree! We will add the pirate last! I got the pirate from abcteach.com.  Click here to get pirate!

This is a easy jellyfish project!  All you need is a paper plate cut into half and tissue paper cut into strips. Have your students add decorations to the plates then staple the two halves together.  Just add the strips to the inside of the plate!  Quick and easy art!

Kaden at his kindergarten celebration!!  What a goofy kid!  I love his sense of humor and just can't believe he will be in 1st grade next year! 

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