School's out for SUMMER!!

Yippee!  I am finally done with all my stuff! Let's see I hugged kids, finish portfolios, cleaned and organized my closet and moved all my furniture!  Now onto the mountain of laundry and messy house!  I am working on making some sight word secret words to share!  Thank you to Mrs. Kilburn for the prizes I won!  I finally won something! How exciting!  Now if I could explain to my son that summer means sleeping in.... hmmm 6:15am is not my idea of fun!  Happy Summer!


  1. Happy Summer! Today was our first day of sleeping in...but of course that didn't happen! 7am the kids are up and running around like crazy!!!

  2. Yay for summer! I also have a TON of projects to work on and today--I'm cleaning my messy house and finishing laundry! I'm so glad that you like the Summer packets that you won :). Enjoy your vacation!