Nursery Rhymes

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The next two weeks we are studying Nursery Rhymes!  This is such a fun way to help every student feel they can READ!!! I made the tracing page to rainbow write the letters and then draw a picture!  There are so many great resources on the web with for this theme!  Here are a few I have found!

I found this site from pinterest that has the poems and some adorable pictures! 

They are super cute.. I love the Hickory Dickory Dock!  The mouse is to funny!!

Mrs. Saylor’s Log is an adorable blog that has some great printables for nursery rhymes! 

Saylor's Log


The Enchanted Learning has Rebus rhymes.

If you have a subscription to Reading A-Z you can read them as a class!  Great stuff there!


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  1. Love Reading A-Z! As a reading Spec. and 1st grade teacher, learning the rhymes is crucial. Learning the words with pictures only is first. THEN, pointing to the words , cutting up sentences, rhyming words, beginning sounds, etc...can be added. Finding sight words IN the text and finally in isolation finally as a benchmark of Concept of Word.