Writing and Halloween Pinterest!!

I love these little writing activities for my sweeties!  Easy enough for the lower groups and the higher kids turn them over and write more!  They think they are so cool walking around with a clipboard!  I love it!  This next week we are learning about spiders and owls! 
Pinterest has some great ideas!!  I want to make the balloon spiders and I usually make a hand spider with the kids!  Fun times!halloween spider balloons easy crafts
I like how these look but will just use streamers for the legs… cute for halloween I really like how the black buttons look on this!  Hmmm… I wish I had time to make this little cutie!  I may have to settle for paint and plan for next year!!
halloween #halloween
How cute is the pumpkin with one eye!!! Love it!  Who can’t use some more fonts!!!!  Me… Me!!
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Have a super Friday!! Yipee!!


  1. Hello, thanks sooo much for sharing these writing/word practice sheets!! I was wondering if you had noticed that you forgot the r in nocturnal... I don't mean to sound critical but it's probably best to have it spelled correctly for the kids.

    And thanks again for everything you share. I love it all.

  2. all fixed... just a tired mistake!!! Off to bed!

  3. Thanks for the cute idea....i will have my little ones do this as a center this week. I love your blog...I am a new follower.

    I did that pumpkin idea .... last night at school for trick or treating but I didn't have black buttons....I just quickly cut BOO out of construction paper. The kids thought it was so cute.

    Stop by my blog and see my mummy door...