Digraph game

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Hello all!  I hope everyone is doing great.  I am doing great but super tired!  Baby girl has decided that her head needs to be up by my ribs…. not the best place since I can’t breathe!!  I should be working on my maternity leave plans just can’t seem to get started!  Instead, I made this game to work at anytime of the year to help learning the sh, ch and th, and wh sounds. I hope you enjoy it!

I uploaded St. Patrick’s Day word wall to my TpT store and a new book 5 little Leprechauns!  I have been thinking about some more Daily Schedule cards but would love to hear what you want! 

Have a restful and joyful weekend!


  1. Thanks so much! Just what I needed. Not sure if the wh label is there or if mine is not downloading that.

    1. I should be working now! Not sure what was happening but I fixed it! Thanks!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I just pinned it.

  3. love it! Thanks! My kiddos really need practice with digraphs!!

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  4. Thanks for sharing the freebie, I love it. It's printing now for next week! BTW I am your newest follower

  5. I have given you, your awesomeness, an award. Swing on by my blog to receive it!