Nocturnal Animals


We are having such a great time learning about nocturnal animals!  The sorting activity I found on an awesome site A Place Called Kindergarten!  She has such super ideas!  The other great find was the adorable book I got on TpT!  It comes from the Kitty Kitty Kindergarten and it is super cute graphics!  My kids loved coloring it and reading it!

In other news here I am at home with my little one…. she has Hand, Foot and Mouth!  Can I just say yuck! It is a virus and leaves blister bumps on her.  The worst ones were in her mouth!  We are now just waiting for the blisters to scab over… It is not fun!  I hope this is over soon!  Anyways… I am working on a new Christmas book and going broke with all the great clipart!  All well!

Here is Kinsley playing outside!  I am glad she feels better but keeping her entertained is not easy! 


Have a great day!

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