Happy New Year!

It is a new year with many changes on the way for our family!  Baby 3 will be here soon.... AHHHH!  I have only 5 weeks left and so much to do! I am totally freaking out by the way!  I just washed clothes for her from my daughter and some cute new outfits.  We haven't picked her finally name but have narrowed it down. 

I am working on my sub plans and haven't got much done yet. I just don't have the motivation yet. I did get a new computer for Christmas... I picked it out from my hubby!  Hehe...  I love my Macbook!  It is so much faster than my old one and just so much nicer!  I am planning to update some of my products and then make some new ones!  I just need to get going on them but first I must finish my plans.... ugh!  I hate doing long term plans!  Gross!  

I don't have any big plans for tonight but got a date with my son to watch a movie and have popcorn!  It will be fun!   Happy 2015!  I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!   I am link up with Lucky to be in First.... an Awesome blog for a New Year sale!  Everything is 20% off for today and tomorrow!  Enjoy!

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