Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lesson Plan covers *As Requested*

I had so much fun making these ocean themed ones!  I was so inspired by Frogs in First monster themed word wall I just knew I had to have the monster clipart!  Adorable! What a great day already... I had my Starbucks coffee and a clean kitchen!  Now if my laundry would do itself..... I wish!  
Go check out  this wonderful blog!  I love it! Enjoy!

Frogs in First


  1. Thanks!! I love your darling blog as well, you are a "must read"!!
    Frogs in First

  2. You are so talented. What program do you use to make these? Love them!

  3. Love all the lesson plans covers and grade book covers that you have done. Any chance you can make some with the Dr. Suess theme? You rock!!! Amy



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