Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sailing into a Great Year!

I am so sore!  I moved all my furniture today.....  the worst part is done!  Yeah!  Now onto the fun  part... decorating and making it look good!  I plan to go back one more day before we start to do bulletin boards... but maybe not.....!!

Here is my newest bulletin board set!  I think it is adorable!  It is on TpT if you are interested!  Here is a sneak peak.... The first three people to leave me their email and a comment will get it free!  I hope you have a great evening!!


  1. Barbie,
    I love the bulletin board and will love using it in my new kindergarten classroom! Thank you!


  2. As my cool 6th grade niece would say, "Totes adorbs!" So cute - I love it! And I just put up a blue background on my bulletin board...

    Alicia atmalec@sbcglobal.net

  3. I would love this as we have a Save the Bay theme. judeeastman@gmail.com



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