Five for Friday


It is the last weekend of FREEDOM!  Hmmm.... School starts on Monday!  I feel mostly prepared with my room!  I forgot to take pictures but will have a room tour next week!  

We have staggered start on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then all the kiddos will be there!  I am just tired thinking about it!!  

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I just tortured my 9 year old with shopping!  Geez that was fun.... ha!  He is at the stage where he wants Nike, Under Armour or Reebok!  Hmm...  So I hit some sales and he is all set!  Under Armour Boys' Preschool Micro G Engage Running Shoe - Dick's Sporting Goods
Here are his cool shoes... he wanted blue and lime green... like the ones he was wearing?!  What?  Anyways, his dad convinced him that red was cool!  ugh....  But we are ready for Fourth Grade!

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I am going to miss hanging out with this wild thing!  Kinsley is showing off her bracelet!  She is so much to keep up with but I love it!  She does great at her school and loves playing with her friends... now if she would just get potty trained...!!!!

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Glow Stick  Bath time!  Enough Said!
The kiddos love it!  I get them at the Target dollar spot and we just have fun! 

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I am working on a Halloween unit book!  I am really excited but have come to a stand still on math games!  What are some of your favorite math games for your kiddos?
Here is the front cover for the new book! 
Hopefully it will be done soon and I will give it away before I put it on TpT!  

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Let the countdown begin Day 1 Monday, August 25th!  Hope everyone has a great school year!  Can't wait to collaborate with my awesome team and get to know the new kiddos!  

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  1. I had one son who loved shopping and another who just wanted me to bring home clothes for him. Your little one is precious. My class likes any math game with dice or cards. Bingo is always a big hit. Happy school year to you!