Classroom Sneak Peak!

Hey Everyone!  I survived the first week of school!  If you teach K and have staggered start it is like having a week of first days!  I already love my class because they are getting the routines and procedures quickly!  Yeah!  We will see Monday after a long weekend if they remember!?!  Let's hope so!

I have almost finished the room but plan to put a few more things up!

This is the front of my room!  I have my letterland characters above the bulletin board!  And my screen for my projector!  I did all my boards in black and white... love it!  I have my rules, calendar and have to add the months and days of the week!  The dinosaur chair is for my calendar helper to sit it!

Another view of the front of the room!  I am lucky to have 5 computers and a document camera in one corner! I can't wait to get my new seat sacks in black and plan to add a ribbon to them for the table colors!
I put pom pom onto my bulletin board because I can't hang anything from the ceiling! (so jealous of those who can!)

Here is the door to outside!  It is also the teacher area!  My assistant and I don't have desks just use tables for our work areas!  I have guided reading at the rainbow table and all my supplies behind my table!  The old tv is used for school information and a digital clock displays on it all day!  It keeps the school on the same time!  I painted my window last year and just left it up and will change it later for fall!

Here is another view of my table!  The posters are chalked nursery rhymes that a colleague helped me make when I started teaching!  They are super adorable!  You can also see my clip chart chevron style!  

My writing center is one large table!  The posters are my new black and white color words!   The bookcase has puzzles and games!

I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak of my home away from home!  Keep tuned in for more reveals as it is a work in progress!  Have a wonderful long weekend!  Yeah!

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