Happy Friday Night!  I have one week left before workdays start!  BOO!  Oh... did I say that!  I am so not ready yet!  Are you in school yet?  Okay...  deep breathe!  I got so much to do in my room for my new black and white theme with bright colors! Yikes!


We just got back yesterday from our beach vacation!  We had a lot of fun!  Kinsley loved digging in the sand but the ocean not so much!  Kaden loves the ocean and you have to drag him out!  We had a great time but I am  so glad to be home!!

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I have made myself a new alphabet posters for my new black and white colors!
I love them!  I plan on putting a lot of bright colors into the room but overall it will be black and white!

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These are my new color poster for my room! Now I need to laminate these! UGH! 

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I am loving my new Ipad cover!  Anyone notice a theme here? Ha!

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Does anyone else find weird pictures on their phones?  I find a lot of these from my daughter!!  It is from a Fisher-Price app! Ha!  I think it is funny!  She is a wild one!  She announced on the way home from vacation that she needed to go to Starbucks!  I mean we have been there a lot lately but sheesh.... a little to young for that yet!!

Stop by my TpT store tomorrow for my Birthday sale!  Happy Birthday to me!
Have a great weekend!

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