Monday, July 22, 2013

Blogging Love


I am feeling the love!  Okay I am not losing my mind! (yet)  I am starting to pack for my trip to see my family!  Yeah! The kiddos and I are heading out on Wednesday!  I am a little nervous about taking Little Miss on the plane for the first time!  Yikes… Kaden said “Mom, do you think she’ll be quiet on the plane? Because she is loud all the time!!” Ha! Ha!  She is a loud kid!  Anyways…

I have been creating some new Alphabet at the request of a sweet email!  That is why I want to share the love! Yep!  Be the first five to comment and I will give you a new Alphabet line I am making!  Don’t see your theme yet?  I will make it for you!  WHAT?  I have so much fun to help others get their room together!  I have had a hard time deciding what to make for myself so I made others! You can check them out on my TpT store and if I don’t have what you want just let me know! 

Black Stripes with a Rainbow of bunting

Turquoise Argyle with Black and White bunting

Yellow Waves with Black and White bunting

Ocean Alphabet Line

Walk the plank Pirates Alphabet Line

All right!  Ready Set Go!  Don’t forgetto leave my your email address and your choice!  If you need something made then email me at after you comment!!  Love to hear from you!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Welcome Banners

banner 4

I have fallen in love with this bunting craze!  Where have I been? I don’t know!  So I am making my new room décor and it is polka dot and chevron!  I just couldn’t decide on one! I just didn’t want to have to redo everything!  Can you say lazy? YEP! I made some bunting welcome banners and wanted to know what you thought!  So here is a freebie for you!  The colors are rainbow ROY G BIV and made them in chevron, mini polka dots, tiles and circles from Ashley Hughes!  Love her stuff!  I hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday!  If you like these or see any improvements let me know! 


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday! Singing in the Classroom!


Linking up with the Fabulous Cara at The First Grade Parade for the Throwback Thursday!  I love reading all the other blogs and see what I have missed!  Go check it out!

If you have read my blog for some time you know I love Harry Kindergarten! He is the best! I put these songs on the projector and it is a great brain break! Shhh.. don’t tell my kiddos they are learning! They are just having fun! So for the Throwback Thursday time for songs! Singing is a great tool to learn!  I use a lot of different songs by Dr. Jean, HarryKindergarten and HeidiSongs!  They all are wonderful and help the kids learn!
Here are some new ones to use!! Yipee!




Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tattling Song

I love Harry Kindergarten songs! What a great way to teach about tattling.... by the end of the year I just about lose my mind on this subject with a few kids! I just had a couple of those this year and I think this would have helped a lot!!! It is hard in Kindergarten to get them to understand the difference between tattling and helping a friend. I am so excited to add this to my list of the beginning of the year! What do you do for tattling? I have used the tattling turtle before or just a plain paper bag they share their tattles. Then I tell them at the end of the day I will listen to them. Very funny to watch the regular visitors there.

Have a Happy Day!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Write Around the Alphabet {Freebie}


{Click on picture to download}

I am so excited to share another write around the room with everyone!!  The post last week got me thinking about this center.  I think writing is one of my favorite centers to see how much the kiddos grow throughout the year!  Yipee… so I created a write around the alphabet with two options!  The first option is a book!  You can copy all the pages into one book for your kiddos to keep at their desks or a basket at a center!  The other option is to give the students one sheet at a time!  Either way you have a fantastic center!!!  Let me know how it worked in your classroom!

  I have created one new word wall for Fire Safety and Community Helpers!  The Super Bundle 1 and Super Bundle 2  that will help get you through the year!  I also created a Fall Back to School Bundle!  Check them out at my TpT store!

I hope you have a super Tuesday!  I am off to school tomorrow for a grade level meeting with our new principal!  Excited and nervous about this year! 

Later Alligators!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

I am linking up with The First Grade Parade for her pins party! My favorite pins this week are just as random as last week!  Yep.. I admit it but I love it! The first is for my classroom things I love.. or need to do!
Great idea!  Designate spots in the classroom as reading areas, then students move weekly through various areas.
The site it was linked to is now broken… sad!  This is brilliant for DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) or quiet time.  This would be great to remember where everyone should be!  Love it! 
{Click Photo for Link}
This is just cute with all the bright colors!  I love this for a writing center or art center!  Yes.. please!
{Click Photo for Link}
I love these Duck tape handles to spice up these cute baskets!  I need to find some polka dots tape or chevron…  I must work on this!  This cute baskets and lots of other great ideas from Go Forth and Inspire in First! 
Now for me… I have an I wish board that I put things I would love to have.. or my family to have for gift ideas!  My hubby got me boots for Christmas from this board so I know it works.  Here is my new favorite… hint..hint!!
Backpack Tote | Vera Bradley{Click Photo for Link}
Vera Bradley… Love her stuff!  This is the new Backpack Tote!  Cute huh?
What a fantastic bedroom for a little girl!!!{Click Photo for Link}
This is an adorable room!  I think Little Miss needs this when she is older! It is girly and could grow with her!
Hope you have a great Friday!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday {Write Around the Room}

I love these posts!  I have so much fun looking back on this little blog!  It has been such a journey! 
I am watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop at the moment recreating most of my stuff… yep the drive was not able to be recovered…sigh!  Life goes on…. But the movie is funny!! 
Hope you enjoy this little post!  I was pregnant with my little one… it was funny to read how uncomfortable I was! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Write the Room
viewer (3)
Hello all!  I finally made some more Write the Room charts!  Yeah!  I have not made much new this lately.. just haven’t been motivated!  I am to tired and can’t get comfortable!  I hope everyone is having a great week and I am excited it is Friday tomorrow!! TGIF!!!! 
Have a wonderful day!
Just so you don’t have to go looking here are the first Write the Room charts!  Just click on pictures to download!  Enjoy!

I hope these will help you in your writing center!  My kinders have always loved them!
Have a wonderful Friday!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bummer Day!

I am having one of those blah days!  I have an external hard drive and it is not working now!  Have I had time to backup my files you ask?  Of course not!  It was on my to do list this week!  AHHHHH!  I had a major panic attack this morning… but feeling a little better this afternoon.  My only big nightmare of this is some of my documents were on there and no where else!  I am back to the drawing board on my own room décor but sometimes that means I will like it even more!  Anyone get their external drive fixed when it just flashes?

So, I had planned to give a freebie… but I will later when I get it all fixed! (I hope)!!!!!  Anyways here is a funny card that made me laugh today!  I needed it! 

Funny Confession Ecard: I'm going to attempt to drink less coffee and more water...pffttt...bwahahaha... sorry I can't even say that with a straight face. mmmm coffee!!!! 





Okay… now I feel better..he he!!  I just wanted to pass on this fantastic alphabet letter exchange.  I signed up for this year and it looks great!  I am excited to participate!  Jump on over to First Grade Found Me to get the information! 


Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

The First Grade Parade is having a favorite pins linky party!  I love Pinterest!  I have already found more pins from just Blog hopping!  I hope you find some new ones, too!!
Here are a few of my Favorite Things…… *anyone else start singing the song*
Random Pins here we go….
{Click Photo for Link}
Crayons in a soap dish?  WHAT?  I am just amazed at this idea at the Going Nutty blog! We used pencil boxes last year and what a mess.  I may have to try this!
{Click Photo for Link}
I just couldn’t get over this easy idea and wouldn’t it be great in the classroom for a center!  Aww…. the possibilities!
Summer fun - wacky Watermelon Day - packed with activities kids will love!
{Click Photo for Link}
What fun would a watermelon day!  We have had water day… but the rain here has made it hard for anything but mud…. nope can’t go there! Yuck!

{Click Photo for Link}
How to make Scrunchy Border from Peace, Love and First Grade!  Cuteness!

{Click Photo for Link}
We have a big sock monster at my house… they never match anymore… a whole bag full!  But even those crazy socks from the Dollar Spot would be awesome here!  Love it!
Well… that was a random pinning session!  All well… Pinning ADD… strikes again!  Hope everyone has a super day!
Later Alligators!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday and Happy 4th!!

Happy Independence Day everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends!  It was awful weather here…. rain, sun (muggy), more rain… muddy, messy backyard and then sun!  It was steamy warm but we got some fireworks off tonight.  My little one loved the fountain fireworks and laughed at them!  Crazy girl loved the ones that shoot in the air!  My son however wasn’t so impressed and told me next year to get better ones!  Can’t please everyone!

Anyways here is my throwback Thursday post… It makes me thankful for no more baby barf.. Yuck!



Monday, July 16, 2012

Center Signs

viewer (3)

(Click on picture above to download signs)

Hey Everyone… what a morning!  I got baby barf all over me first thing… yucky!  It was even in my hair!!!  She is napping now in her swing!  Yeah… for the small things in life!  Whoever invented the baby swing bless you because both my kids napped in it nicely!  Anyways, I got an email about my center signs I made last year with a request for a couple more! I added Art Center and ABC center!  I hope everyone is good!  I have only a few more weeks until reality strikes! Yikes… I need to get organized!

Here are my new pinterest pins that I am doing this year in my room!

This would make a great math center for those kiddos who need help and I love the hands aspect!  This is big in Math Expression!

I have been looking for these everywhere! No luck here but found 5 different colors at Target yesterday! Score!  I love to have bright colors… now only if they had these with polka dots I would be in heaven!


***You can no longer go to this website but it was to great not to show again!!*****

This little webpage has number families!  I love this idea and plan to make them with my sweeties this year!  It would especially be helpful for those who struggle!

I hope everyone has a super day.. I am off to get a shower before she wakes up! Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog ADD and Happy 4th!

(Thanks to The Tattooed Teacher Blog for this adorable button!)

I think I have come down with this disease!  I serious have Blogger ADD…. Ha!  Just Kidding!  But does anyone else feel this way…?  Or am I the only one?  I find myself wondering through blogland and not realize an hour or two have gone by!  Then I get caught up at pinterest…..  another place to skip around at! Oh my!

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!  I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating and enjoying friends and family!

I am having a flash sale today and tomorrow at my TpT store!  Click the adorable button to go to my store and see the new stuff!


Happy 4th of July!

Come check back for freebies later!  I am trying to make some new center signs but little miss just woke up!

Later Alligators!


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