Throwback Thursday and Happy 4th!!

Happy Independence Day everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends!  It was awful weather here…. rain, sun (muggy), more rain… muddy, messy backyard and then sun!  It was steamy warm but we got some fireworks off tonight.  My little one loved the fountain fireworks and laughed at them!  Crazy girl loved the ones that shoot in the air!  My son however wasn’t so impressed and told me next year to get better ones!  Can’t please everyone!

Anyways here is my throwback Thursday post… It makes me thankful for no more baby barf.. Yuck!



Monday, July 16, 2012

Center Signs

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(Click on picture above to download signs)

Hey Everyone… what a morning!  I got baby barf all over me first thing… yucky!  It was even in my hair!!!  She is napping now in her swing!  Yeah… for the small things in life!  Whoever invented the baby swing bless you because both my kids napped in it nicely!  Anyways, I got an email about my center signs I made last year with a request for a couple more! I added Art Center and ABC center!  I hope everyone is good!  I have only a few more weeks until reality strikes! Yikes… I need to get organized!

Here are my new pinterest pins that I am doing this year in my room!

This would make a great math center for those kiddos who need help and I love the hands aspect!  This is big in Math Expression!

I have been looking for these everywhere! No luck here but found 5 different colors at Target yesterday! Score!  I love to have bright colors… now only if they had these with polka dots I would be in heaven!


***You can no longer go to this website but it was to great not to show again!!*****

This little webpage has number families!  I love this idea and plan to make them with my sweeties this year!  It would especially be helpful for those who struggle!

I hope everyone has a super day.. I am off to get a shower before she wakes up! Fingers crossed!

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  1. Dropping by for Throwback Thursday! Thanks for the signs. They are awesome! Stop by and pick up my freebie at my Throwback Thursday post.

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,