Favorite Pins Friday!

The First Grade Parade is having a favorite pins linky party!  I love Pinterest!  I have already found more pins from just Blog hopping!  I hope you find some new ones, too!!
Here are a few of my Favorite Things…… *anyone else start singing the song*
Random Pins here we go….
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Crayons in a soap dish?  WHAT?  I am just amazed at this idea at the Going Nutty blog! We used pencil boxes last year and what a mess.  I may have to try this!
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I just couldn’t get over this easy idea and wouldn’t it be great in the classroom for a center!  Aww…. the possibilities!
Summer fun - wacky Watermelon Day - packed with activities kids will love!
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What fun would a watermelon day!  We have had water day… but the rain here has made it hard for anything but mud…. nope can’t go there! Yuck!

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How to make Scrunchy Border from Peace, Love and First Grade!  Cuteness!

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We have a big sock monster at my house… they never match anymore… a whole bag full!  But even those crazy socks from the Dollar Spot would be awesome here!  Love it!
Well… that was a random pinning session!  All well… Pinning ADD… strikes again!  Hope everyone has a super day!
Later Alligators!


  1. I do a Watermelon Day every year! Here is my blog post about it, if you want or need some more ideas: http://firstgradeblueskies.blogspot.com/search/label/Watermelon%20Day

    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Love all the pins you posted! We will have to have a watermelon day!
    Visit our blog at ourkcrewrocks.blogspot.com!
    Looking forward to seeing next weeks pins!