Favorite Pins Friday!

I am linking up with The First Grade Parade for her pins party! My favorite pins this week are just as random as last week!  Yep.. I admit it but I love it! The first is for my classroom things I love.. or need to do!
Great idea!  Designate spots in the classroom as reading areas, then students move weekly through various areas.
The site it was linked to is now broken… sad!  This is brilliant for DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) or quiet time.  This would be great to remember where everyone should be!  Love it! 
{Click Photo for Link}
This is just cute with all the bright colors!  I love this for a writing center or art center!  Yes.. please!
{Click Photo for Link}
I love these Duck tape handles to spice up these cute baskets!  I need to find some polka dots tape or chevron…  I must work on this!  This cute baskets and lots of other great ideas from Go Forth and Inspire in First! 
Now for me… I have an I wish board that I put things I would love to have.. or my family to have for gift ideas!  My hubby got me boots for Christmas from this board so I know it works.  Here is my new favorite… hint..hint!!
Backpack Tote | Vera Bradley{Click Photo for Link}
Vera Bradley… Love her stuff!  This is the new Backpack Tote!  Cute huh?
What a fantastic bedroom for a little girl!!!{Click Photo for Link}
This is an adorable room!  I think Little Miss needs this when she is older! It is girly and could grow with her!
Hope you have a great Friday!

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